A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Test your reaction time and your reflexes using Roboto's skills in all kinds of platforms with risks, enemies, barriers and many other varieties of things that you can find in each level of the game.

All this with a catching story behind the character.

WARNING: It's hardcore! Not suitable for weak hearts.

Roboto special abilities:
- Slide Propellers: turn on your back propellers and get a boost to go further or hit some enemy..
- Slidedown: use your back propellers to pass under certain structures.
- Hitdown: jump and hit the ground to knock down ground-doors or hit enemies from above.
- Energy projectile: shoot an energy projectile to hit enemies from afar.

In addition Roboto has the basic skills of running, jumping, double jumping, pushing and pulling, ledge grabbing, which combines to create a complete gaming experience.


Roboto Run - Windows build 1.25 138 MB
Roboto Run - Mac Osx build 1.25 137 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip the zipped file, and inside you will find all the game files.

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Development log


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Is this still a prototype?

The status says it is.

Yes, it is a prototype...

We've already uploaded an update of the game which fixes a lot of minor bugs, but we think we've fixed at last the major issue with jumping.