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“Golden Brick” is a video game in prototype stage developed for PC, which aims to take the legends of Ecuador as references for its lore, thus creating a new story with certain characters of legends linked directly in the story, but with a new main character created especially for the story of the game called Jano, with an open world, that is, the player can explore, discover for himself, gain experience, find objects, do secondary missions, main missions and everything that entails a game of this style, in addition if things goes well, will also be directed to video game Consoles.


The project “Golden Brick” was born as a degree work, originally was intended to be a video game for mobile devices, and as a degree work was presented in that way, however, after this, it was decided to make the project something bigger and more ambitious, a game for PC (Windows, Os-X, Linux), this is how the current project was born that has evolved until it reaches what it is today, a ready prototype.


  • Open world by levels: the game itself is developed through levels, 10 to be exact, however each level of play is developed in an open world, which means that the player has the freedom to travel the entire environment of the current level without restriction, however it is necessary to comply with the main missions to progress the level. By the way, the prototype is only the first level of the game.
  • Secondary Missions: besides being able to travel to freedom through the map and doing main missions, the player has the opportunity to do secondary missions assigned by NPCs, and thus win some kind of bonus offered in these missions.
  • Keyboard-mouse or controller: there is the possibility of playing with the traditional keyboard-mouse combination, however the game has the feature of having full support for XBox and PlayStation controllers, with an excellent game flow, for greater player comfort.
  • Save and load game: the prototype of the game aims to have a game time of 2-4 hours and also has a moderate difficulty, for this reason it has been added the feature of being able to save the game and load it at any point despite being a prototype.
  • Attack!: Jano is a lumberjack, and always carries an axe with him, with which, if he feels threatened by an enemy, he could attack him, however Jano has a few skills that make his attacks more powerful, the first is a super attack that accumulates 10 consecutive blows and casts it multiplying its normal damage. The second ability is the fire attack, which can only be cast if he has firewood and energy, then what he does is light one of those firewoods and throw it at anything, even if that is not an enemy. The last skill is the special attack, which can be cast from level 3 and with enough amount of energy, if he is surrounded by at least 3 enemies is the ideal time to launch this attack.
  • Weapons: in addition to having a series of possible attacks, Jano can also have different weapons, which will increase the damage he can do with them.
  • Firewood, healing and crystals: Jano can collect three types of objects, the basic one is firewood, since he is a lumberjack, and with which he can generate fire attacks. Another very important object is the healing liquid, which can be generated from certain plants in the environment, and fill your bottle, but you can only carry 6 drinks of this liquid at a time. In addition Jano can collect crystals, which are very difficult to find, but can be very valuable.
  • Talking: it is not an open world if you can not talk to the characters you meet, some neutral characters will have very interesting things to tell you, others will give you missions, so Jano must be very sociable.
  • Experience: Jano is a human being and gains experience with his adventures, in the game the experience system works increasing it by defeating enemies, when logging firewood or fulfilling missions, when accumulating experience Jano can level up and with this increase his base statistics as your health, your energy or your damage.


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