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Hangover cards is a game in which you can meet your friends and have a great time with some beers, good music and a great atmosphere, the game has forfeits, challenges, wildcards and a system with which, if you do not spend a good time, it's because you don't want to.

Forget online games, and gather your friends physically in a place to enjoy the real moments in person.

How to play?
The most important thing is to gather your friends, minimum 4 to make the game fun. There are two ways to play Hangover Cards, the "Regular" way and "All in one" way.

Each player must have the game installed on their own mobile, and already in the game, everyone must throw at the same time and get a card, put all the devices on the table, and one by one reviewing what their card says and act accordingly to that, at the end proceed to a new round in the same way, and so on until everyone decide to finish the game.

You only need the game installed in one device and in the menu enter: "All in one". Then a screen is displayed in which players can be added and put their names, the turns will be in the order in which they were added, once in the game, the card will be thrown one by one according to the name that currently indicate the turn.

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